Antietam Film Shoot: 9/5/98 - 9/13/98

Getting ready for the day's shoot
L-R Steve Dorner, Dave Dwyer, Steve O'Neill, Jim Curtis

On the march, the 1-Take Boys
L - R Dave Dwyer, Steve O'Neill, Steve Dorner, Jim Curtis

At the edge of the cornfield, the 69th as the 6th Wisconsin
L - R Dave Dwyer, Steve O'Neill, Tom Burke, Jim Curtis, Steve Dorner

The Starry Banner again in the Cornfield at Antietam

Here comes the 1st Texas through the cornfield

In a field at Antietam with the cows

Steve inflates his forage cap...
We always knew Dorner was full of hot air!

Boyos of the 69th resting against a
period building on the Piper farm

On the Piper farm looking out to the Sunken Road
L - R Dave Maher, Steve Dorner, Jim Maxwell, Dave Dwyer,
Steve O'Neill, Ron McGovern, Jim Curtis

Saturday night at the end of the film shoot
L - R Dave Dwyer, Steve O'Neill, Tom Burke, Ron McGovern, Jim Curtis
Photographs Copyright 1998, Doreen Fox-Dwyer and David W. Dwyer
Please feel free to borrow, copy or reprint these pictures,
but please have the courtesy to credit the owner. Thank you.