Military Reenacting

Part I - Basic Concepts of Authenticity and Equipment

1. Only natural fibers (cotton, wool etc.) should be worn.

2. Stainless steel is frowned upon, and visible stainless steel (i.e. plate, cup, cutlery, canteen, buttons and buckles) shall be avoided.

3. Modern eyewear is prohibited. Most soldiers did not wear glasses, but period eyewear and contact lenses are both acceptable. If you wear contacts, conceal related items like saline in a pouch.

4. Modern wristwatches will not be worn.

5. Plastic bags, coolers and other anachronisms, if used at all, must be keep out of sight at all times.

6. Anything inappropriate for the time period or unit portrayed in a particular scenario must be avoided (i.e. Regimental number and Corp badges).

7. Members should carry at least one piece of identification (i.e. driver’s license), health insurance information, and a card identifying any existing medical conditions. You should carry one car key somewhere on your person. There is no need for all your keys.

8. Modern medicine should be camouflaged by the use of tobacco pouches, tins. Officers and NCO’s must be informed of any existing medical condition and the location of your medicine