69th NYSV History 1865 - Present

The courage and gallantry that characterized the original 69th NYSM and the 69th NYSV during the Civil War continued in subsequent generations of New Yorkers. Today, the 1/69th Infantry (Mech) of the NY National Guard is based in their traditional Armory in New York City at the between 25th and 26th Streets on Lexington Avenue. Their Regimental Flagstaff bears so many battle rings that it a foot longer than the length stipulated in United States Army Regulations.

Spanish-American War (August 1898 to January 1899)

Mexican Border (July 1916 to February 1917)

World War I (July 1917 to August 1919)

St. Mihiel

World War I Medals of Honor

Michael A. Donaldson
William J. Donovan
Richard O'Neil

World War II (October 1940 to December 1945)

Central Pacific (Makin) with Arrowhead
Western Pacific (Saipan)
Ryukyus (Okinawa)

Company F - Distinguished Unit (Okinawa)

World War II Medal of Honor

Alejandro R. Ruiz

Operation Iraqi Freedom (January 2005 to September 2005)