Military Reenacting

The mission of the 69th NYSV Historical Association is to portray the men of the original 69th NYSV with honor and as accurately as possible. To that end, these authenticity guidelines have been created. These guidelines are based upon a large body of information regarding the uniforms and equipment of the Civil War. The overall objective is to create a list of standards to strive towards. While our equipment will never be perfect, it is important to have the research necessary to evaluate where we are at any given time. You will also find that some items are more important than others, and that you do not need every single item listed below to have a good impression.

Please understand that these guidelines were written not to exclude individuals from participating, but to share knowledge on material culture, methods and the man inside with our members. By explaining what is expected, the overall quality of the company’s impression will improve.

The 69th NYSV uses Casey’s Infantry Tactics as its official drill manual. Learn it, live it, love it. The best equipment in the world is wasted if you don’t know your drill. Copies are available through most sutlers and there are several online versions available as well. One of them is available from a living history organization called Sykes Regulars in their Library

The cost of the uniforms, muskets and equipment can mount quickly to well over $2,000. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you check with veteran members of the unit before purchasing anything. The hobby is constantly evolving, new vendors and manufacturers are constantly appearing, and disappearing. Also, we are constantly researching and finding new information on the uniforms and equipment of the 69th NYSV. Due to the fact that we are striving for a more uniform appearance, which is in keeping with how items were issued during the war, we have narrowed the sources somewhat. Please try to use the recommended sources.

The 69th NYSV authenticity guidelines are divided into five sections.

  • Part I - Basic Concepts: Summarizes the basic concepts of authenticity for us to observe at all times.
  • Part II - Uniforms & Equipment, Company A: Lists the particular uniform and equipment requirements of Company A, 69th NYSV from the Fall of 1861 through the Spring of 1864.
  • Part III - Uniforms & Equipment, Company F: Lists the particular uniform and equipment requirements four our late Civil War impression of Company F, 69th NYSV from the Fall of 1864 through June of 1865. The late war impression is also our “generic” Federal impression for use when we are not portraying the 69th NYSV.
  • Part IV - Bibliography: Is a basic list of personal accounts, memoirs, histories and references designed to allow you to further your knowledge of the 69th NYSV during the Civil War.
  • Part V - Preferred Vendors and Sources: Is a list of recommended vendors and purveyors of reproduction Civil War uniforms and equipment.